Digital Killed the Retail Star

People argue that digital technology killed the brick-and-mortar retail store by making it easy to shop online. Nothing could be further from the truth. Digital technology and the retail store have combined to create an omni-channel environment that has transformed both customers’  shopping experiences and their expectations. In the past, customers needed to physically drive to a store to make a purchase. Since retailers didn’t provide much in-store information about…

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The Week in Retail: 22 Books and Blogs Influencing NYC Retail Execs

Find out what NYC retail leaders are reading. Here’s a summary of their recommendations of 22 blogs, books, and newsletters that they’re most likely to suggest to colleagues on the following topics: Leadership, management and culture Digital, tech and innovation Marketing, consumer behavior and trendspotting (NRF) “The tablet revolution has not just reached the retail industry, it has become one of the most essential elements shoppers have come to expect.” …

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Clienteling Reasons for Retail

The Top 5 Signs Your Retail Business Needs Clienteling

1. Associates are going rogue Have you ever observed what your top selling associates do in a day? Have you ever asked them what they think they do differently from the rest? Often, the top selling associates are doing more than you might think! Aside from great selling skills, top associates often possess entrepreneurial grit, and they think outside the box to achieve their goals. You may see associates recording…

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The Week in Retail: 7 Inspiring Examples of Omni-Channel User Experiences

To implement a successful omni-channel strategy, a retail store needs to determine the key tasks or actions that customers perform throughout the shopping experience, and then let them accomplish those tasks across multiple channels. Aaron Aguis of HubSpot highlights 7 excellent examples from top brands that are successfully implementing omni-channel experiences. They include Disney, Virgin Atlantic, Bank of America, Oasis, REI, Starbucks and Chipotle. These brands make the customer’s life as easy as…

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The Week in Retail: What Customers Want from Their Omni-Channel Experience

Michael Karg, CEO of Razorfish, discusses what customers want from their omni-channel experience and how retailers can keep up with their customers’ expectations. Competition for retailers is rising with the elimination of geographical barriers allowing global brands to be more accessible through their online stores. There is a change in customer behavior and a rise in their expectations that is empowered by the exponential growth of technology. Customers now expect more convenience, excellent…

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Top TED Talks for Retailers Part 2

Part 2 of our collection of TED Talks on ideas and strategies to help retailers improve the customer experience. Who would have thought folding t-shirts on a shelf in half rather than a creased fold would increase product touch by 85%, increase t-shirt sales by 44% and increase dollar sales by 38%?  Virtual reality simulation, 3D imaging, eye tracking technology, and data collected from security cameras are just some ways that…

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The Week in Retail: The Luxury Retail Landscape

We are seeing more and more luxury brands selling their products to the mainstream market. It can be very challenging and risky for these retailers to try to appeal to the mass market without distancing themselves from their core customer base. A new study by Nielson has divided luxury shoppers into five distinct segments. The study looks at how these groups perceive luxury and their purchasing behavior. Three of the…

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What Retailers Need to Know About Millennials

Infographic: What Retailers Need to Know About Millennials

By 2020, Millennials will total more than $1.4 trillion in spending power. How can retailers ensure that they are connecting with this very important market segment? In this exclusive infographic, we’ve compiled some of the top statistics and recommendations for retailers to engage with Millennial shoppers. Related Resources

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