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The Week in Retail: The Evolution of Social Networks

A few months ago, Greg Pouy, a digital marketing strategist, created a very informative presentation on The Future of the Luxury Shopping Experience. This week, Greg explores the evolution of social networks in a recent CMO commentary. Puoy says that messaging apps are growing in use and effectiveness, social media is a must, and digital wallets are the wave of the near future. Social networks have become mostly advertising platforms…

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Jewelry Software Guide

Guide | The CIO’s Guide to Selecting Software for Jewelry Retail

Every retail vertical is unique and the jewelry market is no exception. Not only do jewelers boast an inventory of the most beautiful gems and diamonds crafted in gold, platinum or silver, but they also offer very specialized services to their customers. As a niche market, jewelers have unique business processes and therefore require jewelry-specific features when it comes to their retail systems. In this exclusive guide, you will learn…

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The Week in Retail: E-Commerce Index Report and the Data-Driven Art of Digital Marketing

The 2015 edition of The E-Commerce Index Report created by iVentures Consulting is now available in free download on SlideShare. The Report analyzes and ranks 111 leading local and international leaders’ E-Commerce ecosystems through 250 criteria before, during and after purchase including omni-channel and online marketing. The Index provides a great overview of E-Commerce on 9 sectors such as fashion, perfumes & cosmetics and luxury. The best practices of the…

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The Wishlist – A Powerful Feature for Retailers

Wishlists are often under-utilized but they are a key ingredient for an exceptional customer experience. A wishlist is a very useful feature in ecommerce and clienteling solutions. Wishlists need to be simple and fun to create, manage and share. In turn, they serve as an excellent marketing tool to develop a loyal customer base. The more visible your wishlists are, the more exposure your brand receives in their networks. Advantages for Customers 1. A great tool for…

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The Week in Retail: Finding the Right Balance Between Offline and Online Presence

Professors at Wharton say that physical stores have advantages that online stores do not. Retailers are starting to realize that when opening new stores the customer experience needs to be reinvented. “It’s hard to get a sense of what a brand stands for from just a website, but a physical store allows potential consumers to experience the brand at a deeper level.” says Jonah Berger, a Wharton marketing professor. This…

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London Jewelers LJRG

Raymark + LJRG: Specialized Operations

Excerpted from the RIS Retail Info Systems News article, about Raymark client LJRG, published on March 19 2015. “In the Spring of 2014 the Group unanimously selected Raymark’s end-to-end suite of solutions for point-of-sale (including mobile), clienteling, merchandising, replenishment, open-to-buy planning, purchasing, repairs, reporting and analytics. The solution was selected for its ability to cater to the jewelry vertical as well as to LJRG’s specific niche requirements. “The holistic, real-time…

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Top TED Talks for Retailers Part 1

A collection of TED Talks on ideas and strategies to help retailers improve the customer experience. Customer Experience “When we think of the next generation of retail design, we think about storytelling,” says Rachel Shechtman, the founder of Manhattan retail space STORY, launched in December of 2011. Story is a boutique in Chelsea that rotates its theme and product every four to eight weeks. The store was profitable in its…

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The Week in Retail: To App or not to App

Mobile is changing everything in retail. Smartphone sales grew last year by 50% as a percentage of online sales and mobile remains a top priority for 58% of retailers. So why aren’t retailers focusing their efforts on developing and maintaining mobile apps? Apps can cost more than $2 million just to build and another 80% of that fee each year to maintain. Retailers miss out on the benefits that apps…

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