Raymark Mosaic Inventory Management

Optimize stock movement across all retail channels.

Looking for mobile retail inventory management solutions to improve associate productivity and minimize time spent on non-selling tasks? Mosaic Inventory Management offers real-time and centralized visibility of inventory across all business channels to ensure that customers have access to products wherever they happen to shop.

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Why Mosaic Inventory Management?

Improve your inventory control!

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Improve Control & Management of Inventory

Depending on the stores’ needs, Mosaic retail inventory management software can be used to identify bins to organize and to help track inventory more precisely. There are different types of bins including but not limited to physical bins for returns, damaged items, return to vendor, etc. The bin transfer feature allows you to transfer items from one bin to another, for improved control of inventory and for allowing you to be more productive in locating products.

Visual & Interactive Tool for Customer Engagement

The Look Book allows the store associate to browse through a beautiful gallery layout of products with the customer. Easily access product descriptions, images, alternative sizes and colors, and prices directly from the application.

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Mosaic Retail Inventory Management Software

Mosaic Mobile Inventory-Manager iPhone

Never Miss a Sale

Upselling & cross-selling has never been easier thanks to the recommended products and promotions displayed in the Look Book. Features such as the ability to add items to a transaction or the omni-channel inventory lookup allows you to check outside availability across the organization, providing the tools needed to make the sale today.

Prevent Stock-Outs & Over-Stock

Improve inventory turnover by transferring products between stores or back to a distribution center. Stores may receive products from the distribution center, another store or even from a vendor.

Maintain Inventory Accuracy

Our stock count capabilities allow you to perform cyclical counts of your inventory to ensure accuracy.

Mosaic Mobile Retail Inventory Management Solutions to Prevent Stock Outs and Over Stock

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